Traveling to Silver Dollar City

8:45:00 PM

We took our first family trip to Silver Dollar City

in Branson, MO. Even though I have been there many times it is totally different to travel with a family, let alone a baby. Here are a few tips I will keep in mind for future trips:
1. Stroller, wagons, baby carrier etc... Is a must! There is a lot of walking my three year old nephew even needed time in the stroller. I would suggest a stroller because you have to ride a tram from the parking lot and I'm not sure how people got their radio wagons on there. (SDC does rent strollers.)
2. The food at SDC is awesome but if you are trying to watch your wallet take your own food! We went two days in a row and neither time did they check our bags. I saw many people with coolers and backpacks. 
3. If you have any refillable mugs from SDC bring it. If it says the price on the mug you get it at that price. My mom has an old one that says refills are $1 so we never paid over $1 for a drink. The new mugs do not say the price of refills so you have to go by the price they now advertise $2.99 for frozen. But this is still better than the $5 for a frozen small drink.
4. Go after 3:00 pm the first day and the next day is FREE! We visited during moonlight madness. This is the best way to get the most out of your ticket. They are open until 10pm and during this time it was not very busy so we rode all of the rides we wanted to. Then we came back the next day and saw the shows, ate lunch, and went to the kids section. 
5. Get your child measured at a measuring station. They will give him/her a wristband with a certain color to match height. This will eliminate having to be measured by the ride employees. ***If your child is very close to the height tell the workers on the ride that your child was close but not close enough to ride.  They will give them a token to bring back on your next visit. The token allows them to go to the front of the line as long as they are the right height.
6. Bring ponchos for the water rides. You will get wet! And plastic bags for cell phones, wallets, etc... (We threw in towels since we had the stroller.)
7. Buy your tickets in advance. If you buy one season pass before December 31, the year before you travel, you get tons of free tickets. We usually buy one season pass and go when the free tickets work for our second ticket. You can save at least $100 here.
8. Nursing stations located all over the park. These are air conditioned with a lock, a rocking chair, and a changing station. SUPER NICE and convenient.
9. Place a car sun visor in your windshield during the day, while you're in the park. If you go on a really hot day the last thing you want is to come back to a car that is extremely hot! The time we did not use this it took our car at least ten minutes to cool down and Porters car seat was way too hot for him to get in.
10. SDC now has an app you can download on your phone. This allows you to purchase tickets, see park hours, check some rides wait times, and rides status (open or closed). This app told us Outlaw run (their new wooden roller coaster) was closed which helped us decide to go to White water that day instead.

Hope this helps you on your next trip to Silver Dollar City.

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