11 months

11:57:00 AM

One more month and then we will start saying years instead of months.  It has gone by so fast. Porter is now walking.  This actually started right before the Fourth of July so a little before he was eleven months.  I am done pumping completely. I thought I would never say this but I kind of miss it. It definitely allowed me to eat whatever I wanted.

Eating: this summer we have gotten away from a schedule. With being really busy and trying to wean from the bottle it has been hit or miss bottle every 3-4 hours.  He is eating food 3 times a day with a snack and we are trying whole milk at breakfast and some at meals.  He has not figured out how to drink from the sippy cup so it may take a little bit to wean off the bottle. We have tried all kinds of food and there seems to be no allergies yet...
Movement: Porter is on the move. He went from crawling to steps to walking everywhere. He likes to pick up things from one place and put them in completely different areas. For example: Drew had one of Porters shoes in his bathroom drawer. And I keep finding the lids to our pots and pans in different areas of the house.  
Favorite things: porter has always and probably will always love puppies! He is really interested in this toy turtle Ashlee got him in Jamaica. He loves to wear mommys sunglasses.
He truly is a water baby. Loves the pool and the lake. After watching Drew play softball he thinks everything is a ball and a bat. He tries to use my hair brush and a golf ball as a bat and ball.  The play hammer and saw are the number two toys porter has in his hand if he doesn't have a bat of course. 
We are getting ready for his frost birthday.  This is going to be a puppy party!

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