Week one of the cranial band

12:40:00 PM

Day one: To get adjusted to wearing the helmet you are suppose to only have it on for one hour and then take it off for an hour.  He also cannot wear it to sleep, nap, eat, or in the car seat.  He may have worn it for a total of five hours this day because drove up to his Grandma's farm.

Day two: Today we wore the helmet for two hours at a time and then took it off for an hour.  Again to get adjusted to the weight and the temperature it causes for Porter.  We were outside for Drew's softball game and he only had it on for about thirty minutes outside.  (If he had it on for longer than that he could've over heated.)
Day three: Continuing the pattern today Porter wore the helmet for three hours on and one hour off.  He has to take it off for meals because he could shove food up there and for bath time.  By the way he now has to have a bath every night to make sure his head gets clean.  Went to worlds of fun, this was our first time out in public.  Got plenty of stares mainly of people who probably thought my baby was the cutest baby ever!
Day four: Today the helmet was on for 6 hours and we take it off for one hour.  He took a nap in the helmet for the first time today.  It did not seem to phase him a bit. 
Day five: Today the helmet was on all day except for meal times and bath times.  He slept both at nap time and through the night in his helmet.  He did well in it through the night.  He was a little more fussy than usual but I think it was because he is cutting four teeth on the top of his mouth.

Now that Porter wears the helmet all of the time it has been quite interesting to talk to so many people who have children who wore the helmet too.  The painting that we had painted on the helmet looks great! We need to find something that can seal it better.  We used acrylic sealant but I have read modge lodge works well too.

Cleaning: the helmet must be cleaned every day.  We do this while he is bathing.  It is cleaned with bath soap and then with rubbing alcohol.  We actually have been cleaning Porters helmet in the morning and at night because he is a very sweaty boy and it had kind of a funk to it.  That definitely helped once we did that.  Any time you go swimming it must be cleaned immediately after. I did not know this and it started to cause a rash that luckily we caught soon after it started.

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