10 months

10:34:00 PM

Only two more months and our little boy will be one! How crazy fast this year has gone by.  Summer has started and I am getting to be home with my little one.  It has been a bit rainy but we have made the most of our time.  So far we have been to the pool, worlds of fun, Royals game, shopping, to see baby Addalynn, swinging at the park, to the library, Hillbilly party, to see daddy at work, crown center  and much more. We are participating in the summer reading program for the Mid continent Public Library. For every 24 books Porter reads he gets a free book.  So far I have recorded on the log that we have read 12....getting there.  Porters having some separation anxiety but mainly around people who are completely unfamiliar.  Starting to play in his crib when he wakes up in the morning and before he falls asleep for his nap.  Patty cake and Itsy Bitsy Spider are our favorites to do right now thanks to Scout the dog.

SIGNING: finally doing the "more" sign when he is actually suppose to.  Sometimes it is confused with clapping but most of the time it is appropriately used.  Sometimes gets "please" confused with roll it up from patty cake.

FEEDING: still feeding all of his bottles. Sometime he sleeps to 7:30 so mommy can sleep in, and this throws our schedule off.  We are doing one or two formula bottles a day since we lost all of our frozen milk in the deep freeze disaster. (Yes I named the event. Tragic day!)

FAVORITE FOOD: Porter loves any kind of fruit pineapple, strawberries, apples, oranges, bananas, etc... And he likes rice! One of daddies favorites.

WORDS: Only a few words Dadda, Momma, and uh-oh.  I'm pretty sure he said pop pop For grandpa or for puppies.  

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