7 months old

8:59:00 PM

So many things have happened since turning 6 months! It has definitely been a month of firsts for our little guy.

TEETHING: Yes, Porter has not one but two teeth that have come in. The first one started with the symptoms of a cold. Everything you read online about doctors saying a fever, diaper rash, and cold have nothing to do with teething was completely inaccurate for this guy. The cold lead to a small fever that came soon after the day we got his 6 month shots. This lead to his first diaper rash. A bib was a must for all times or else we would be changing his shirt constantly. Anything Porter could get his hands on was in his mouth as a chew toy, including the dogs bones...gross I know! Eventually the bottom right came in first and now he has both bottom teeth that he can smile brightly with.

EATING: We have changed Porters schedule which I will get to later, but this has allowed him to eat two times a day. Once for fruits and once for vegetables, we were told to do cereal in there too, but he just does not like it. His current favorites are sweet potatoes, apples, and bananas. I have been making the baby food in the brezza which is amazing. I actually made a combo food that is both sweet potatoes and bananas and he loves it! We also started to baby puffs and he really just likes playing with them.

SCHEDULE: Porter continued to wake up at 6am which is great but we would fall into I'm not being interested in his bottle at 8. So we decided to change his schedule to 6, 9, 12, 3, 6, 8 then to bed. He takes a nap from around 10:30 to 12 and we feed him his baby food at the noon and 6 feeding, then nap from 3 to 4ish. This has really worked well especially with the day light savings because before we were putting him to bed at 7:30 and it was still daylight out.

MOVEMENT: Porter wants no part in tummy time which has lead to no interest in crawling. (He has been sleeping on his stomach though. Weird I know!) Although we said he would walk before crawling and he pulled himself up in the crib. Now that is all he wants to do is stand and walk around his little play table. He can almost move all the way around it with no help from anyone else!

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