1st holiday season

8:44:00 PM

Four and a half months was the perfect time...Porter just started sitting up and we were able to get the "famous" sitting in front of the tree picture. He was so excited to see all of the lights and presents. People were happy to see him open up presents because he actually would open up the presents...even though it would take a half an hour to open each present the time was precious.
RSV hit our house the day before winter break for mommy and with Porter projectile vomiting and running a fever of 101 we took porter to urgent care at the new children's mercy. Both grandmas were there and worried about their little boy. Porter had to miss his first Gumm Christmas, but we were able to Skype with grandpa when dad got home. (Since the RSV he has slept through the night once)
Switching to all bottle feeding. With porter being sick it made it very difficult for him to feed and sleep. Both mommy and him were going on little sleep and the best way to feed him was with a bottle. On Christmas night after feeding all night where we feed, fall asleep, feed, fall asleep....this was not a good pattern. We tried side lying to see if he would do that so mommy could get some sleep too and he would just cry. (He also had begun biting during this time.) After one last time of a muncher on the boob and I was done! Bottles for Porter from now on.
Bottle feeding has been a lot harder at night because now not me and Drew have to get up. Me to pump and drew to feed. After about 2 weeks we have the pattern down but at first it was definitely an adjustment for drew to go from just changing him in the middle of the night to changing him, getting the bottle ready, and feeding him.
Porter had his first trip to the aquarium and Fritz' restaurant crown center with Auntie Ashlee, GiGi, Aunt Kathy, mom, and Chas. He truly is his daddy's son because he was amazed by all of the fish and aquatic life.
Porter rang in the new year at Grandma and Grandpa Schiebers house when he went to sleep at 8:00pm.

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