3 months

9:01:00 PM

Started feeding every 3 hours start to start with 6oz bottles schedule is breastfeed when he first wakes up, (pump extra) feed bottle at 8, 11, 2, 5, breastfeed at 7:30ish put to bed and hopefully sleep through the night.
1st vacation to Branson:
Left work early on Friday and got out of town by 3 drove to Springfield and stopped for dinner.  Did great on the way there.  Saturday went shopping all day had both the bjorn and stroller and he did great with both.  Went to hotel and went to sleep at 8pm.  Woke up Sunday and drove home after breakfast at hard luck diner.  Slept the entire way home from Branson.

Note to self: pack and play is a must when traveling and remember to bring soap for baby because he became very stinky and sweaty from the car ride.

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