August 14, 2012

1:55:00 PM

August 13th we ate dinner at Linda and Doug's house (my in laws) in hopes that baby boy schieber would be here soon.  Official due date had passed and was set for August 10th.  We were to be induced on August 15th.  Went to bed and woke up Tuesday August 14 at 3:00am in pain.  I told myself this is not labor....but I was kind of hoping it was! (I did not want to be induced!) I woke up Drew and said if the pain does not go away by 4:30am then I am going to take a shower and call the doctor.  Pain was worse... woke up around 4:15 to take a shower.  Doctor said to come on in.  We had everything ready and in the car drove to the hospital st.lukes east in Lee's summit.  We were checked in at 5:55am.  The original room they checked us into was a shared room!  I was sooo upset and was thinking I am going to be like Rachel on Friends and have to see all of these women go in and out of here before I get to have my baby.  Little did I know that was just the holding/triage room.  We were dilated at a 3.  By the time we had our nurse for the day and was moved to our room, we were at a 6.  I got the epidural and life was a lot better about 20 minutes after the initial shot.  All four grandparents were there by now and Ashlee had stopped by before work.

 Drew and I had popsicles and took lots of pictures.  The doctor came in and broke our water(by the way does not hurt....did not really even feel it!)  At 11am Stephanie our nurse said we were dilated at a 10! We waited to let gravity do a little more work. And started pushing around 12.  Stephanie said we would probably deliver in about 1 hour since everything else had gone so fast.  I was unable to feel the contractions because the epidural had only been on for a little bit and was still strong.  I did not know exactly when to push and I pushed too hard in the beginning and was worn out.  Not to mention our doctor was not much help on the motivation piece.  After being exhausted, not knowing when or how to push, blacking out, and throwing up....three hours later our Porter Douglas was born at 3:25pm.  We did have to use the vacuum and I did result in using the mirror.  This was the most exhausted I had been in my life!  But so worth it....I was not able to hold him right after because he had some meconium in his system because the labor was so long.  I did not feel like I was as happy as I should be but this did change.  After they cleaned him off and got him all ready I finally got to hold him with Drew's assistance of course.  My arms we so weak I was unable to hold him by myself.

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